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a mesh of human + network.

AV-over-IP solutions should be people, not tech-centered. Ready for your tech to work for you, instead of the other way around?

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We’re taking a standards-based approach to AV-over-IP to ensure seamless compatibility with everything we connect to.


Our family of AV-over-IP solutions work both inside and outside the PlexusAV, including NDI, Dante & IPMX.


We designed our family of AV-over-IP products to be simple for everyone, not just for engineers.


Finally, True Standards-Based AV-over-IP

IPMX is the only true open standard for AV-over-IP, allowing products to be spec’d from multiple manufacturers. Being locked into a single ecosystem is the old-tech way of doing things, and that’s why with PlexusAV, you never have to worry about spec’ing the wrong or right product — it just works thanks to IPMX. PlexusAV means 100% compatibility, reliability and performance.

A New Brand, Built on Years of Industry Expertise


The PlexusAV family leverages a true open standard based on SMPTE ST 2110 called IPMX.


We didn’t create a closed ecosystem, we based it all on what we’ve been engineering for Broadcast TV since 1951.


The Internet Protocol Media Experience is a set of OPEN standards to network video, audio and control.


PlexusAV’s AV-over-IP ecosystem is standards-based — not proprietary — making it perfect for nearly every ProAV application.

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